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#00020 (Фуфляндия) Светодиодные лампы 220v 9W e27 Aliexpress

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Купил светодиодные лампы с Aliespress, приехали очень плохие лампы, которые не соответствуют заявленным характеристикам. Не попадайтесь. Подробнее в видео.

1. Led source;9 3*3W
2. Fixture lumens output: 500lm
3.lamp holder:E27/B22
3. Size:D50H100mm
5. Life time: 50000 hours
6. Best quality: 1 years warranty
7. Certifications: CE, ROHS
8. Technology: Successful technical solution on heat dissipation, light decay, and lumens output
3W LED lights are brand new high quality
o 3W LED lights have low consumption, high brightness
o 3W LED lights are very low heat generating, besides saving light power
o LED light bulbs are seismic, impact resistance, non-thermal radiation, safe and stable, reliable
E27 light bulb is suitable for home, office and exhibition lighting

1.Rated voltage: 220V ONLY
2.Light source:4W
3.Output power:4W
4.Lifespan: 30,000 Hours
6.Connector type:E27/B22
7.Color temperature:white/warm white/colour

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#00020 (Фуфляндия) Светодиодные лампы 220v 9W e27 Aliexpress_parcel

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